Ask me anything :)   Behind the leather jacket is the grey hoodie , under the snapback is the hairflip. On the outside he's grown up, but on the inside he hasn’t changed at all. I'm a belieber from Bulgaria. I'm making twitter packs ;) I'm supporting kidrauhl since 2009 and I'll always be by his side. Once a belieber, always a belieber. It's not a phase, it's for life ♥ WE are UNBREAKABLE. WE are UNITED. WE love each other. WE support each other. WE defend each other. WE are NOT just a fandom, WE are a FAMILY ♥ #FAMILY #MUCHLOVE I LOVE YOU BELIEBERS <33 I LOVE YOU JUSTIN <33

    OMG! The only thing I think about is Justin’s grandpa. I wonder if he’s alright 😄😄😄

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    im hoping that when justin comes out with his new music he’ll be back to the glory days of playing on the radio 24/7, doing interviews all the time, and performing on countless award shows/winning several awards bc i miss that

    i miss that so much…

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